Visual Damage Detection and Reporting:
Capture and document visual damage using images or videos.
Provide a user-friendly interface for users to mark and annotate damages.

Inspection Checklist:
Develop customizable inspection checklists for various types of vehicles and equipment.
Allow inspectors to systematically go through the checklist and record observations.

Certified Pre-owned Inspection Checklist:
Create a specialized checklist for certified pre-owned inspections to ensure quality standards are met.

OBDII Diagnostic-DTC Input:
Integrate On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) for reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
Provide a platform for entering and storing diagnostic information.

Input of Measurement Values:
Allow input of numerical measurement values related to the condition of the vehicle or equipment.

English/French Report Option:
Support multiple languages for user interface and generated reports to cater to English and French speakers.

Visual Insurance Damage Appraisal Report:
Generate detailed reports for insurance claims, including visual evidence of damages.

Customer Report, Graphic Report, Service Report:
Generate comprehensive reports for customers, including graphical representations of damages.
Provide a detailed service report for internal use.

Inspection Control Report (Checklist):
Generate reports based on inspection checklists, highlighting compliance or issues.

Establishing Control Groups:
Group vehicles or equipment based on specific criteria for easier management and analysis.

Creation of Details:
Allow users to input detailed information about vehicles, equipment, and inspections.

Insurance Damage Form:
Provide a structured form for documenting damages for insurance purposes.

You can do whatever you want due to the parametric structure ;
Inspection and condition report,
200 point check list,
Certified used car 234 point checklist,
SUV/crossover inspection & estimate form,
Truck inspection checklist,
Inspection of road vehicles,
Certified pre-owned inspection checklist,
Periodic checks,
Commercial vehicle pre-trip inspection checklist,
Roadworthiness package...
You can create unlimited groups such as engine, electrics, trim, body, trialing , trim system, steering system, gearbox, exhaust system and so on for the checklist or inspection.
You can invoice these works according to the hourly rate and add spare parts to the invoice.
Vehicle inspections & workshop management.

Foreign Currency Proforma:
Support transactions in multiple currencies for international business operations.

Transfer of Proforma to Repair:
Streamline the process of transferring proforma details to the repair phase.

Repair Opening and Closing in Accordance with Legislation:
Ensure compliance with legal requirements when opening and closing repair orders.

Stock, Current, Cash, Invoice, Inventory, and Analysis:
Manage stock levels, current assets, cash flow, invoices, and inventory.
Include analysis tools for data-driven decision-making.