By combining all these features into a unified system, professionals in the industry can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced manual workload, standardized processes, and improved overall management of their business operations. This holistic solution provides a valuable tool for optimizing workflows and enhancing the customer service experience.

Engine Parts Inspection:
Specific checks on engine components such as cylinders, pistons, gap measurements, and piston ring measurements.

Pre-Purchase Marine Surveys:
Inspection services conducted before the purchase of marine vessels.

Pre-Purchase Boat Inspections:
Detailed examinations of boats before they are bought.

Insurance Surveys:
Assessments carried out for insurance purposes.

Pre-Delivery Inspections:
Inspections done before the delivery of a marine vessel.

Warranty and Periodic Inspections:
Scheduled inspections to ensure compliance with warranty terms and general periodic checks.

Customizable Groups:
Ability to create unlimited groups for different aspects of inspection, such as engine, electrics, trim, hull, etc.

Checklists or Inspection Groups:
Specific checklists or inspection protocols for each group created.

Hourly Rate Invoicing:
The system allows for invoicing based on hourly rates for the inspection services.

Spare Parts Management:
The capability to add spare parts to the invoice, indicating a comprehensive approach that includes both labor and materials.

The parametric structure highly flexible and adaptable system, allowing users to define and customize inspection categories and processes based on their specific needs. This level of customization is valuable, especially in industries where inspections can vary widely based on the type of vessel and specific requirements.